Performance Safety Protocol


In order to maximize the safety of NTPA actors, patrons and staff, the North Texas Performing Arts created its Reopening Task force of professionals including four doctors, legal counsel, board members and others. The Task Force defined the procedures and protocols outlined in this document to ensure that NTPA Productions are opened in a safe and deliberate manner that best protects the health of its actors and patrons.

This team and others that will follow have been working with us to come up with best plan to allow our get our actors, families, patrons, actors and staff come back to our theatres with these objectives:

  • To create and execute a plan that provides for the best possible safety of our Actors, Patrons and Staff.
  • To effectively and safely open the theatres on the dates approved by the Governing Board of Directors.
  • To ensure the cleanliness and readiness of the facilities to support all necessary operations.
  • To provide a safe, efficient and thoughtful admittance, performance/rehearsal, and exit process for actors, patrons and staff.

In addition to the safety protocols outlined below, NTPA Staff have been trained upon and will enforce a detailed “Staff Safety Protocol” and “NTPA Facilities Protocol” also approved by the NTPA Task Force outlining their obligations and responsibilities. A copy of the full detailed staff guidance may be made available upon request.

Phase III+ NTPA Performance Safety Protocol + Phase V Drawdown

Beginning July 1:

  • All fully vaccinated youth and adults may enter and move throughout the NTPA facility without a mask, except for when participating in designated “mask required” shows and summer camps.
  • Unvaccinated persons are required to wear masks at all times except those actors performing on stage in designated “mask optional on stage” productions.
  • Kissing on stage will continue to not be permitted.
  • No other Covid Safety Protocols will be enforced.

Beginning August 1:

  • Masks will no longer be required in NTPA facilities for any Repertory activity.
  • Unvaccinated patrons are encouraged to continue wearing a mask until the CDC says it is safe to do otherwise.
  • No other Covid Safety Protocols will be enforced.