Performance Safety Protocol


In order to maximize the safety of NTPA actors, patrons and staff, the North Texas Performing Arts created its Reopening Task force of professionals including four doctors, legal counsel, board members and others. The Task Force defined the procedures and protocols outlined in this document to ensure that NTPA Productions are opened in a safe and deliberate manner that best protects the health of its actors and patrons.

This team and others that will follow have been working with us to come up with best plan to allow our get our actors, families, patrons, actors and staff come back to our theatres with these objectives:

  • To create and execute a plan that provides for the best possible safety of our Actors, Patrons and Staff.
  • To effectively and safely open the theatres on the dates approved by the Governing Board of Directors.
  • To ensure the cleanliness and readiness of the facilities to support all necessary operations.
  • To provide a safe, efficient and thoughtful admittance, performance/rehearsal, and exit process for actors, patrons and staff.

In addition to the safety protocols outlined below, NTPA Staff have been trained upon and will enforce a detailed “Staff Safety Protocol” and “NTPA Facilities Protocol” also approved by the NTPA Task Force outlining their obligations and responsibilities. A copy of the full detailed staff guidance may be made available upon request.

NTPA Performance Safety Protocol - Updated July 30, 2021

General Guidance

  • Consistent with CDC guidance, masks shall be required for all persons age 3+ (including actors, volunteers, patrons, and other visitors) at all times while on NTPA premises or at an NTPA activity in a non-NTPA facility, except for the conditions outlined below. Masks must be those as approved for Covid-19 safety protection by the CDC and worn properly, fully covering nose and mouth. “Mesh,” “gaiter,” and vented masks are not considered adequate protection by the CDC and do not fulfill our masking requirement.
  • Actors may continue to wear a mask in any production and shall face no discrimination, sanctions or efforts to persuade otherwise.
  • Actors in designated “Mask Optional On Stage” productions may take their mask off ONLY while performing on stage during actual performances and for one rehearsal per role (on night/off night) during tech week. Masks may be taken off for curtain speeches.
  • Actors in designated “Mask Required” performances must wear masks at all times during rehearsals and performances.
  • Any production not designated as “Mask Required” shall follow the “Mask Optional On Stage” guidelines until further notice.
  • During live auditions and callbacks actors may remove their mask during their performance only.
  • Actors MAY remove their masks momentarily to take pictures, provided they do not violate the “close contact” rule of “within 6 feet for 15 minutes.”
  • Kissing will remain suspended for all productions.
  • Patrons MAY remove their masks momentarily to consume concessions, provided they do not violate the “close contact” rule of “within 6 feet for 15 minutes.” Patrons must regard all signage at venues regarding appropriate areas to consume concessions, and food is not currently allowed in any NTPA theatre.
  • All participants and patrons must follow the NTPA Covid Notification Protocol and alert NTPA of possible Covid-19 exposure.

North Texas Performing Arts strongly encourages all participants and patrons, who are able, to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of Covid-19 within the NTPA family.